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Teens Celebrate National Hot Dog Month

Nothing says summer like hot dogs and other summer food! Help your teen with special needs develop important adult living skills and enjoy the spirit of summer by helping them learn to make their own microwave hot dogs.

Simple and Easy Hot Dogs

Avoid the dangers of barbeques and open flames by teaching your students to make quick and easy microwave hot dogs. Add some watermelon and a few chips and you’ve got the quintessential summer picnic with very little muss or fuss.

Video Modeling from Daily Living Skills

Go to the video on Teachers Pay Teachers for step-by-step instructions on making microwave hot dogs, or simply follow the directions on this blog. The steps are easy. You will need:

  • Access to a microwave oven

  • 1 full-sized paper towel for each hot dog cooked

  • 1-2 hot dogs per student

  • 1-2 hot dog buns per student

  • Condiments: catsup, mustard, relish or ????

Additional Items: paper plates, watermelon (and knife), chips, drinks, etc.

  1. Watch the video, “Making Microwave Hot Dogs” for video-modeling of the process.

  2. Have students wash hands and prep area. Food-borne illnesses are a real problem during summer months. Emphasize food safety as students prepare their hot dogs.

  3. Pass out 1 paper towel for each hot dog students will make. Have students lay the towel in front of them in a diamond position (with a point at the top and bottom.)

  4. Pass out 1 bun for each hot dog to be made. Have students carefully open the bun without tearing the two sides apart. Lay the bun horizontally in front of them with the ends of the bun pointing to the two side points of the towel.

  5. Pass out 1 hot dog per bun. Have students place hot dog snuggly into bun.

  6. Roll the hot dog in the towel. Fold the bottom point over the hot dog. Fold in each side then roll the hot dog like a burrito.

  7. Microwave for 30 seconds. Be careful taking it out—the hot dog will be hot.

  8. Add condiments and side dishes, and enjoy!

For Further Information

More recipes and ideas for teaching teens with special needs to cook are offered in Making Meals from the Daily Living Skills Series. Written on a 3rd/4th-grade level, these workbooks, nevertheless, honor a teen’s sensibilities and maturity while meeting Indicator 13 skills and federally mandated transition services for teens with special needs.


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