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Adult Living Skills Books

Independent Adult Living Skills are addressed in light, airy pages that are tailored to a teen's or young adult's sensibilities. * Indicates titles coming soon. Titles include:


  • Transportation: Learn to take the bus, study for your license, understand bike safety and deal with road rage.

  • Paying Bills: Plan, budget, save  and manage finances with simple lists, calendars and formulas for success.

  • Doing Laundry: Sort, use washer/dryer, clean lint filters, find lines of symmetry to fold, hang, organize drawers.

  • Cleaning House: Free videos round out this book's lessons on cleaning bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living areas.

  • Staying Healthy: When to call a Dr., go to ER; worksheets for providing info to doctor, liquid diets, home treatments.

  • *Home Maintenance: Changing lightbulbs, screwing screws, hammering nails, unclogging toilets and more.

  • *Renting an Apartment: Where to pay rent, apartment etiquette, parking, parties, security deposits, rug cleaning.

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