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When did you want to become a writer?


I won a poetry contest in fourth grade and dreamed of writing fiction even before that. Life took me on a long detour before I was able to get back to wirting fiction--but I make it back and hope to continue.


Where do you get the ideas for your books?


Because of my children's challenges, I live on the edge of society. I look like a 'normal' woman, but my family's lives are actually in a parallel universe as we deal with the issues of mental illness, physical illness and fitting in.


Do you like writing fiction or non-fiction better?


That's hard to answer. My non-fiction writing provides an important service to individuals who might not get the information otherwise, but my fiction comes from my heart. It's like choosing between your children--not possible.


Will you critique my manuscript?


Unfortunately, time constraints prevent me from doing that. But, do find someone to read for you. Start with your local library. Or, try your local independent book seller for critique groups they might offer. Or, look online for online groups--just don't go meet up with a stranger to have a critique--it's too dangerous.

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