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Job Skills Books

Give your students the skills they need to compete in the job market with confidence and understanding:


  • Who Am I? College & Career: Career aptitude, learning styles, readiness, self-quizzes and checklists.

  • Time Management: How long it takes, procrastinating, prioritizing, planning.

  • Decision Making: Breaking down decisions, decision trees, 8-steps to decide, the teen brain and more.

  • Seeking Employment: Sample applications, interview tips, employer's pet peeves, etc.

  • Dress for Success: Hygiene, appropriate clothing, talking tats, business manners, etc.

  • Interviewing Skills: Business manners, phone messages, resumes, references, know the company, interview practice.

  • Getting a Paycheck: Gross vs. net pay, deductions, pay periods, W-4's, W-2's, needs vs. wants, 50/20/30 rule, credit cards, etc.

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