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Teen Driver Safety

Helping teens stay safe while driving is an important adult living skill. Road rage can be a deadly problem for young people and learning how to cool it can be a life-saving adult living skill for teens, and especially teens with special needs.

Road Rage is Common

According to MOTOsafety, 40% of teens experience anger while on the road.* The article link below offers good advice on steps teens can take to avoid the stress of road rage and help teens remain calm while driving. Some ideas include:

· Avoiding eye contact in stressful driving situations

· Listening to music the teen enjoys

· Using the “I’m sorry” gesture should the teen make a mistake while driving

Try this Free Lesson

Other ideas for driver safety are included in the free lesson provided here called “Cooling Road Rage” from Daily Living Skills’ workbook Transportation. Use the article below to begin a discussion on teens’ experiences with rude or angry drivers. Brainstorm ideas to help students avoid confrontation. Then, cement that knowledge with this free lesson.

If time allows, finish up by having students create their own “Cooling Road Rage” posters to encourage others to follow their example.

For More Information

“Cooling Road Rage” is from Daily Living Skills’ workbook Transportation. Life all books in the series, it is written on a 3rd/4th-grade level with airy pages and lots of bullet-point information while honoring teen sensibilities and maturity. Lessons meet Indicator 13 standards and federal mandates for transition skills. To learn more go here.

10_3 Teen Driver Safety WS (1)
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