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Prescription Education Week

Prescription Education Week is a great time to teach teens with special needs how to renew a prescription. Renewing a prescription is a vital adult living skill and can be especially important to young adults with special needs.

Free Lesson on Renewing Prescriptions

“Renewing a Prescription” from Daily Living Skills’ workbook Using the Telephone offers important step-by-step information on how to use the telephone to renew maintenance prescriptions using today’s automated systems.

By providing students with the information they need to use these systems, and the practice they need to manage them, you provide them with the skills they need to step into independent adult living.

For More Information

Like all books in the Daily Living Skills series, Using the Telephone is written on a 3rd/4th-grade level with airy pages and bullet-point information. While being simple to understand it, nevertheless, honors teens’ sensibilities while meeting Indicator 13 requirements and federal mandates for transition services. For more information go here.


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