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Understanding the Supreme Court and What's at Stake

A new supreme court justice can change the direction in which our country moves for a very long time. Help students understand what’s at stake in a supreme court justice nomination by teaching this free lesson on “The Judiciary Branch.”

What’s at stake?

Without understanding how government works or the job of the supreme court, students cannot understand what all the fuss about Kavanaugh is about or how it affects them. Helping students learn about the supreme court judges, their leanings, and the decisions they have made that affect student-life will help them understand the stakes involved in a new supreme court judge nomination.

Who are the Judges?

This free lesson from Daily Living Skills’ workbook Understanding Government, allows students to put faces and philosophies with the names of the supreme court judges. Simple charts and matching quizzes help students get a glimpse of the judges who sit on our highest court.

What do they do?

Snapshots of rulings such as Roe v. Wade or Brown v. the Board of Education allow students to easily see how supreme court rulings can change their lives.

Informed Citizens

In just one or two lessons from this free packet, you can help your students to become informed citizens and more actively engage in our political system.

For More Information

If you like the free “The Judiciary Branch” lesson provided here, you may want to check out the other lessons in Understanding Government from the Daily Living Skills series. Written on a 3rd/4th grade level with airy pages and lots of bullet-point information, these books nevertheless, respect teens’ humor and sensibilities while provided Indicator 13 skills and federal transition mandates for students with special needs. For more information, go here.

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