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Celebrating Labor Day

Help students recognize the important contributions workers provide to our country with this mini-lesson on “Celebrating Labor Day.”

Students will get a brief history of the holiday, do a labor worker activity and understand appropriate activities for this holiday.

A Mini-Lesson on Holidays

“Celebrating Labor Day” is a mini-lesson from Daily Living Skills’ workbook Celebrating Holidays. This workbook provides information on the history of and appropriate behavior for all the federal holidays. By educating students on the reason for the holidays, students can interact with confidence in their social skills.

Helping Students Acquire Adult Living Skills

Celebrating Holidays is one of the many workbooks in the Daily Living Series which addresses adult living skills necessary for students with special needs to transition into adult life. Workbooks are all written on a 3rd/4th-grade level, with airy pages and bullet-point information but nevertheless respect teen sensibilities and humor. Topics range from paying bills to cleaning house, from everyday manners to decision making, and from interviewing skills to business communication. For more information on these workbooks go to our shop.


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