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Veteran's Day Celebration

All holidays are not raucous fireworks and bar-b-que days. Some are for solemn remembrance of the sacrifices others have made for our freedom and well-being. Teaching students with special needs the meaning behind Veterans Day is an important lesson so that our students may understand the emotions behind the day and be able to act appropriately.

Free Mini-Lesson “Celebrating Veteran’s Day”

“Celebrating Veteran’s Day” is a mini-lesson from Daily Living Skills’ Celebrating Holidays workbook on the history of the ten American national holidays. In addition to describing how and why the holiday was created, this mini-lesson helps students understand the kind of behavior that is expected on that day.

Quick, Easy, and Timely

You won’t need to do any special preparation for this lesson. Just open and go. Let students work in pairs or groups to brainstorm ideas about how they might honor veterans as part of the celebration, or create an idea bank as a whole class activity.

For More Information

If this lesson works for your students, you may want to look at the other lessons in Celebrating Holidays. Like all books in the Daily Living Series, Celebrating Holidays is written on a 3rd/4th-grade level with light, airy pages and bullet-point information which, nevertheless, honors teen sensibilities while meeting Indicator 13 skills and transition mandates alike. For more information on the Daily Living Skills series go here.


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